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Zbrojíř Řádu himself comes from a long line of armorers. He and the "Order Merchant" run the establishment which can be found just opposite the steps leading to the slums of Wyzima's Chrámová čtvrť, on Roper Street. Their main competition is Malcolm Stein.

They'll politely tell anyone that they only deal with friends of the Řád planoucí růže. Here is How can you tell if they'll deal with you.

Úkoly Editovat

People Order Merchant

Obchodník Řádu Editovat

The merchant sticks to mainly:

People Novigrad traveller

Zbrojíř Řádu Editovat

The armorer, on the other hand, buys and sells an amazing variety of goods, but no armor:

And in a pinch, with some instructions and a healthy donation to the Řád planoucí růže, the armorer can make a bleskosvod.

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