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Planetníci jsou druhem skřítků; stvoření popsaných v starém spisu "Physiologus", který je přechováván vesnickou stařešinou v Dolní Posadě. Mezi lidem jsou známi jako přátelští vzdušní skřítci, ale ne vždy tom u tak je. V polštině jsou i ekvivalenty "płanetnik", "chmurnik" nebo "obłocznik".

Cloud sprites and wind sprites be varied. Some rain pour, some wind roar, others hurl their thunder. Harvests to protect from them, takest thou a knife of iron, new, of a mouse's droppings a half ounce, of a grey heron's fat—
p.179, The Last Wish (English UK edition)
...The easiest access they find at cottages of honest, simple, and unwitting peasants who readily ascribe all misfortune and ill events to spells, unnatural creatures and monsters, the doings of windsprites or evil spirits. Instead of praying to the gods, instead of bearing rich offerings to the temple, such a simpleton is ready to give his last penny to the base witcher, believing the witcher, the godless changeling, will turn around his fate and save him from misfortune.
p.165, Blood of Elves (English UK edition)

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