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Pat is the son of the village mason, Harn. He is well aware that his father does not have the best reputation. Geralt meets the boy one day while strolling the area near vesnice v Bahnice. He's trying to help his father repair rozbořený most, but he'd much rather be adventuring.

Apparently Pat is not a bad archer at all, perhaps no William Tell, but competent. Geralt can choose to have the boy accompany him while he's in the area if the witcher succeeds in resolving the rather sticky issue of the skřítci nightly vandalism of Harn's work.

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  • Most players who have chosen to take Pat along have reported that he gets killed virtually instantly (poor Pat!), but at the very least takes much "babysitting" by the witcher if he is to be kept alive.
  • His death does not seem to negatively affect gameplay in any way.

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