People Queen of the night

Paní noci is an elder upírka who owns a bordel (Dům noci) v Kupecké čtvrti do Wyzima. Most of the women working there are, like Paní noci, upíři that take blood in addition to money as payment for their sexual services.

Elder ones do not need blood to sustain their life, it's more like alcohol or the drug that they enjoy the most. The player has the choice to kill her or keep silent in exchange for a "ménage-à-quatre" with her and two of her "sisters", alps.

Úkoly Editovat

Poznámky Editovat

  • Paní reveals that Regis was once her lover.
  • After the Modroočka quest, if Geralt returns to see Paní noci, she and her entourage will be in their vampire form and remain that way for the rest of the act. Thereafter, they are inaccessible anyway.

Galerie Editovat

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