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Překupník is an informal term for a person who receives and disposes of stolen goods. Ve hře Zaklínač, at least two people present themselves as překupníky: Talar, who, as it turns out, is not actually překupník, and a tough-looking fellow ve Staré Wyzimě in Kapitola V. The man in Kapitola V is překupník, he is not simply effecting a cover for investigative purposes.

He buys and sells pretty much anything from his location in temná ulička, west of Polní nemocnice (other looters and various individuals also mill about there). It is possible that he is only available when Geralt first reaches Old Vizima and that he is no longer available later in Act V.

Překupníky Editovat

  • Talar: though not really, it's just a cover
  • Haren Brogg: he doesn't consider himself překupník, but evidence suggests otherwise
  • Překupník ve Staré Wyzimě: he's up front about who he is and what he does

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