Places Vodyanoi altar

Oltář rybolidí je hlavním prostředkem ke komunikanic mezi cihláři a bytostmi, které uctívají, Vodními pány. Nachází se jihozápadně od cihlářské vesnice, na západní straně Hliniště v bažinách.

Úkoly Editovat

Poznámky Editovat

  • despite the fact that the heading at the top of the screen says "skladiště" when you "open" the altar, this is not (I repeat NOT) actually a place to store things. It is only a place to leave offerings to Vodní páni. Anything you leave there will disappear permanently and (at best) be replaced by some random alchemical ingredient
  • according to Vaska, rybolidé accept as gifts only items which do not represent the trappings of the "dry" world except for the products of nature. So rostliny, minerály and a few other items are accepted as offerings. A different item appears after midnight when an offering is accepted. One strange item that the Vodyanoi do seem to accept as a tribute is fisstech

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