Quest Items Seeing stone

"Z kamínku silně vyzařuje magie."

Magický kámen nejdete v Úkrytu Salamandry v uzavřené části Kupecké Čtvrti. Lze použít na aktivaci telekomunikátoru, Hartmannnova zrcadla, which is found, along with klíč od základny Salamandry, at the hideout when Geralt is investigating on behalf of Leuvaarden. According to Triss Merigold, seeing stones retain faint traces of previous communications which can be detected and analyzed with the right knowledge and skills. Naturally, the sorceress possesses exactly such knowledge and skills.

There are two seeing stones to be found in the game. The one described above and a second stone, in the cave with Alvarův portál in the Základna Salamandry. This second gem is in a small area opposite the portal and guarded by a Salamandra mage who, like his compatriots, loves nothing better than to summon ifríts.

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