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Glyswen je vesice v Gesu také známá jako "Bílá řeka". Poté co byla Bílá řeka pillaged, raized, and the original population wiped out, Nilfgaardští rolníci se sem nastěhovali a přejmenovali ji na "Glyswen". Je tvořena desti chatrčemi ohraničenými palisádou, a jednou krčmou.

In the inn in the village is where Ciri was taken after being captured by the Traps and where she first met Kayleigh who had recently been captured by the Nissir gang. As Ciri's and Kayleigh's captors ate, drank and boasted to each other, the two captives tried to escape.

Luckily for them, Potkani came for Kayleigh. Less fortunately for everyone else, this resulted in the death of everyone at the inn, including the innkeeper whom Ciri had tried to warn.

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  • Krčma

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