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Brána do Staré Wyzimy, seen from hráz
Brána do Staré Wyzimy, seen from inside Stará Wyzima

Depending on which side of it you find yourself, this is either Brána do Staré Wyzimy nebo Brána do Hráz. It is one of the last sights that many an unfortunate plague victim sees as it is their last stop, after Lebedův lazaret, and before the hřbitov.

V Kapitoly II a III, the gate is visible on hráz, but locked for the duration of both Acts. V Kapitola V, Geralt passes through it after a skirmish on the hráz, on his way to find Shani who has set up the Polní nemocnice to help victims of the fighting which has spilled into the streets.

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