Brána do Nové Wyzimy, seen from Hráz
Brána do Hráz, seen from Chrámová čtvrť

Brána do Nové Wyzimy is main gate to the active part of Wyzima, providing access to and from its busy port. Not just anyone can pass through this gate. From the Chrámová čtvrť it is known as the Brána do Hráz. V Kapitola II, Geralt must either get the Pečetní prsten městské stráže, Sigfried's help, or resort to bribery to get through.

Úkoly Editovat

Poznámky Editovat

  • Útěk z vězení is listed as related because it leads to meeting Sigfried which in turn permits passage through this gate
  • Hráz side of this gate is where Coleman can be found for Krysa quest
  • V Kapitola V, it is visible but locked for the duration of the Act

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