Quest Items Grandmas pickles

Okurky a sádlo, výborné ma zajídání alkoholu.

Babiččiny naložené okurky se sádlem – jeden z příběhových předmětů. If Geralt invites Zoltan to be his guest at Shani's party, the dwarf gets a hankering for some food and asks the witcher to sneak downstairs and get some pickles and lard from Babka's larder downstairs. He says Geralt should do it as dwarves are no masters of stealth.

Zoltan is, hands down, the best of the three possible party guests, but you shouldn't miss out on some more fun by not exploring the other two options.

Úkoly Editovat

Viz také Babiččina kořalka a Babiččin památník

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